Founded in 2012, Greenfield School is an inter-level private school from years 1-12, with 3 training programmes: High Quality Programme, Global Citizens Bilingual Programme, and the Cambridge International Programme. At Greenfield you experience a loving, well-balanced educational environment where your unique personality and fortes are nurtured, and your love of exploration with the wonderful world is promoted.

Greenfield’s outstanding strengths:

  • We are a member of an international system of more than 10,000 Cambridge International Schools with a network in 160 countries around the world (Code VN455).
  • Our educational programmes help students fully prepare for success in their national exams, while equipping and training them with 21st century skills to easily adapt to the international educational environment, where they are ready to embrace the changes of the global era. 100% of students graduated from high school and were accepted into universities; 23% of students study abroad in places such as the UK, USA, and Germany, and have received high-value, study-abroad scholarships.
  • We have a modern, green campus of more than 25,000 m2, peacefully located in “Ecopark Green City” (30 minutes drive from the center of Hanoi), high-tech teaching facilities, and a variety of functional rooms to help students experience and develop themselves in a variety of disciplines including academic, gifted, and athletic.
  • Greenfield is managed by Mr. Brendan O’Flaherty, with more than 30 years of experience in the field of education and more than 10 years of teaching and education management in the UK, with a team of highly qualified, enthusiastic and child-loving teachers- both local and international.
  • Study time is increased with key investment in 3 subjects: Math , Vietnamese/Literature, and English, with a total number of English periods up to 17 periods week (of which 70% are taught by teachers from abroad) out of a total of 40 lessons per week. The English programme aligns its exams according to the European Framework of Reference (CEFR), with the output target of international certificates such as KET, PET, FCE and IELTS.
  • We facilitate and host extracurricular activities, diverse events, exchange activities, and competitions and awards to help students compete on an international scale. Students learn and train to become confident, active, creative, and energetic citizens who love life and learning.
  • We have small class sizes, and affordable educational services for Vietnamese families.
    Parents and students who are interested, please register here or contact the Admissions Department at 0911.008.567
    (*) The number of quota is limited, the school gives priority to the order of registration.