TUITION & FINANCIAL REGULATIONS FOR THE 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR (For students enrolled in NH 2020-2021)


(*): Details in section 3.1 of this Regulation


2.1 Admission fees

When applying, parents pay an application fee (non-refundable/non-transferable in all cases) of: 2,500,000 VND/Student (collected only once when applying).
Completion of payment does not signify acceptance by the college. The school only accepts students officially enrolled in compliance with the Admissions Regulations.

2.2 Meals & Boarding Fees

Meals and boarding services are additional options. Parents can choose to use/not to use the service. Services are registered at the beginning of each school year and apply for the entire school year.
Students eat in the dining room and sleep in separate bedrooms (equipped with mattresses, sheets, blankets, and pillows), independent of the classroom and function rooms.
Meals include: (i) breakfast; (ii) breakfast snacks (applicable to primary level); (iii) lunch; (iv) afternoon supper. Meals will be refunded if the absent student has a valid application for permission sent at least 2 working days before the leave and is finalized at the end of the school year.
Meal Rate & Boarding Fee:

2.4 School construction and development fees

The construction and development fee of the school is an annual fee, to invest in upgrading and maintaining the infrastructure, equipping the classroom learning tools, function rooms, learning software, documents, and specific products for learning – experience of Arts, Sports, and Gifted subjects .
Level of school construction and development fee: 2,500,000 VND/year.

2.5 Fees for picnics, experiential activities and extracurricular activities

The school organizes a series of experience/picnic programmes throughout the school year to help students expand their worldview, enhance practical experience and apply the knowledge they have learned.
Rate of picnic, experience activities and extra-curricular activities: 1,500,000 VND/year.

2.6 Insurance premiums

The school temporarily collects the Health Insurance fee of 650,000 VND/year. The difference after the official announcement of the Insurance Agency against the collected fee will be settled by the school at the end of the school year.
Health Insurance fee is 140,000 VND/year.
In case parents have purchased insurance for a student before, parents need to provide a copy of the insurance card for the school’s management.

2.7 Other Fees

The fees for taking part in Club afterschool classes, gifted classes, enrichment classes, tutoring and international certification exam fees are not included in the tuition or service fees mentioned above.
The school uniform is purchased according to the school’s regulations with the prices listed at the School Shop room.
Parents self-equip the textbooks according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the guidance of the School.
Parents can equip books and other materials by themselves or buy them at the School Shop at the school.


3.1 Incentives on tuition fees

Global Citizens students who enroll in the 2020-2021 school year are entitled to a 15% discount on that pathway’s listed tuition fees throughout the level (Grade 1 – Grade 5 for Primary; Grade 6 – Grade 9 for Secondary school; Grade 10 – Grade 12 for High school).

3.2 Discount on shuttle bus service

With the same pick up and drop off location, the school offers a 40% discount for the second student who is a sibling.

3.3 Payment Discount

Discount 5% of the tuition fee after the incentive for the completion of tuition fees, service fees for the whole year (section 2.2, 2.3, if any) and the beginning of the year (items 2.4, 2.5, 2.6) before the date June 30, 2020.
2% discount of tuition fee after the incentive for the completion of tuition fees, service fees for the whole semester and the fees at the beginning of the year before June 30, 2020 (for semester I) and before 10/01 / 2021 (for semester II).

4.1 Fees can be paid directly at the School Cashier Department or by transfer as instructed at the school website (

For students who are studying at the school, the deadline for paying fees for the new school year is June 30, 2020 and the deadline for paying tuition fees for Semester II is January 10, 2021 (if parents pay fees by semester.).

4.2 For new enrolling students, the deadline for payment is as stated in the Letter of Offer.

4.3 In the case of choosing to pay the monthly fee, parents are to pay before the10th of each month.

4.4 If the school has not received the tuition and related fees after the specified date of payment, the due fees payable will automatically increase by 0.03%/day delay on the unpaid amount and

4.5 Parents are responsible for submitting this additional.

4.6 Parents paying fees after the deadline will not be entitled to a direct discount of 2% per semester or by 5% per school year.

4.7 In the event that parents do not pay the fees according to the financial regulations, the school reserves the right not to place classes and not to provide services to students.

4.8 Parents should understand their responsibility for completing fees and their payment deadlines. A reminder by the school that for any reason does not reach the parent does not mean delaying the student’s responsibility to pay the student’s fees as prescribed.

4.9 Parents pay tuition and other fees by bank transfer to the school account or in cash directly at the Cashier Department.

4.10 Students enrolling after the school deadline, please contact the Admissions Department for guidance.

5.1. When the Student withdraws/withdraws from school, in all cases, the parent notifies the Admissions Division at least 30 days prior to the official withdrawal/withdrawal date. This policy applies to both new students applying to the school and students studying at the school. For mid-year students, the school only accepts to process withdrawal applications at the end of semester I (from January 1 to January 15 every year) and summer time (from May 20 to 20. /06 annually).

5.2. The fees for withdrawal / withdrawal are specified as follows:

5.2.1. Tuition, Boarding Service Fee, Bus Service Fee: Up to the end of the Student’s last month of schooling. The school will refund the remaining paid fee (if any).

5.2.2. School Construction & Development Fees & Picnic Fees, Experiences and Extracurricular Activities: Non-refundable or transferable under any circumstances.

5.2.3 Premium: Refund will only be made in the event that the School has not sent a list of student insurance to the State insurance agency.

5.3. The remaining fees (if any) will be refunded to the Parents within 30 days from the Student’s last school day or from the time the Parents complete the withdrawal / withdrawal process from time to time. come later.

5.4. The school will return the student’s academic records within 05 working days after receiving the complete records in accordance with the Education Law and Parents have completed the remaining financial obligations as prescribed by School.

5.5. Bus, meal and boarding services are optional services and are tailored to the discretion of the Parents and the school’s ability to respond. If the student withdraws / withdraws from school because of not being provided with optional services, the withdrawal / withdrawal procedures still need to comply with the school’s regulations.